Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

We have experience in the following areas of process and procedure development:

  • Best practice development – to supplement business process development – to help staff with “when and how” rather than “what”
  • Procedures manual development – online manuals that facilitate providing timely direction to staff regarding procedures, workarounds and specific scenarios
  • Business process design – swim-lane and role-specific process development based on frequently occurring scenarios
  • Workaround development – especially for systems defects that cannot be addressed before go-live

We have developed considerable experience in the field of knowledge management in the last five years, delivering a living repository for knowledge workers to consult.

Training serves a purpose to pass on knowledge at a point in time. Student guides are also useful to fill in the gaps after training has occurred. However, as workarounds are created, business processes change and best practices develop, a live knowledge base is required to keep pace with the learning organization.

We have developed a number of knowledge bases for our clients. The knowledge bases are developed in tandem with training documentation; the training documentation focusing on the curriculum and case studies, the knowledge base keeping up to date information regarding procedures, business processes, job aides and guidelines.

With a solid structure, simple but complete content and good search facilities our knowledge bases have provided our clients with an incredible asset to allow their staff to transition in times of change.

The knowledge management team works together as a unit but work seamlessly with others in an organization or a project e.g. Business Analysts, Instructional Designers and IT staff.

The last two knowledge bases we have built have documented over 1500 procedures in total with user bases of around 500 and 1000 people.